Accelerating Into Dubai’s High-End Realm | Chen Hsong Showcases MK6 PRO Series at ArabPlast

On 13 December, local time, the three-day ArabPlast 2023 Dubai Plastics Exhibition was held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre at Hall 4, Stand 4D100. Themed “International Plastics, Recycling, Petrochemicals, Packaging, and Rubber Industry Exhibition,” the event aimed to underscore the importance of the circular economy in sustainable industry development.

Chen Hsong showcased their MK6 series servo injection moulding machine JM168-MK6 PRO, receiving a warm response.

ArabPlast: A Global Nexus for Plastic Innovation and Trade

ArabPlast is held every two years and is the foremost high-end trade show in the Middle East. This significant exhibition is a central link between international plastic companies and the markets of the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. More than just a trade fair, it’s a major platform for the introduction and exchange of new brands, products, technologies, and services in the plastic industry. The latest edition of ArabPlast attracted over 600 global companies, demonstrating its critical role in connecting well-known enterprises within the industry.

The Chen Hsong MK6 series

The Chen Hsong MK6 series of injection moulding machines, including MK6 PRO, MK6 plus, and MK6 max, have become industry focal points due to their exceptional control systems, powerful output, efficient plasticising components, precise motion control, intelligent technology applications, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The MK6 PRO is a product renowned for both its sales and reputation. It meets the high demands of automotive, 3C, and medical industry customers for injection moulding with its precision machinery, patented templates, high-accuracy shooting tables, linear guides, precise hydraulic circuits, and the ultimate coordination and innovative design of its smart control system.

At the exhibition, Chen Hsong’s JM168-MK6 PRO injection moulding machine demonstrated a transparent injection moulding solution (crystal dinner plate). The machine operated efficiently and stably, producing quickly and effectively moulded products. It attracted much attention and recognition from visitors, who engaged in in-depth discussions with the Chen Hsong team about development and cooperation.

Crystal Plate:
Size: 24 cm (dia) | Material: GPPS
Product Weight: 72 g | Cycle Time: 12 sec | Cavity: 1

Pioneering a Sustainable and Technologically Advanced Tomorrow in Injection Moulding

This edition of ArabPlast is another vivid practice of Chen Hsong’s push towards high-end, intelligent, and green solutions, setting a strong example in product innovation and industry upgrading.

Chenhsong Team

Dubai, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, continues to attract global manufacturing attention due to the booming and sustained development of the Middle Eastern market. As a leading global provider of injection moulding solutions, Chen Hsong continually explores advanced technologies to move towards the mid-to-high-end of the industrial and value chains.

In the future, Chen Hsong will continue to lead the technological trends in the injection moulding industry with innovative thinking, meet the diverse needs of local customers, continuously improve service levels, and provide cost-effective and competitive injection moulding solutions to customers worldwide, contributing to sustainable development.

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