CHEN HSONG at PLASTIMAGEN 2023 – Sparking New Beginnings on Day 1

The first day at PLASTIMAGEN has been a whirlwind of activity and excitement, marking the commencement of one of the most anticipated events in the plastics sector. The CHEN HSONG team, adorned with enthusiasm and expertise, is thrilled to lead the charge into a future shaped by precision, efficiency, and sustainability. Our presence here underlines a commitment to progress and the fostering of global partnerships.


PLASTIMAGEN® MEXICO showcases the latest in plastic industry innovations, with over 870 companies and 1,600 brands from 27 countries. The expo, covering 40,000 m^2, is the central hub for industry experts and over 28,000 visitors looking for new solutions. The event takes place November 7 – 10 at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City.

Product Demonstration: The SPARK Series’ Precision and Speed

The SPARK series All-Electric injection moulding machine made a compelling showcase at PLASTIMAGEN® MEXICO, demonstrating its prowess by producing bucket handles. With its advanced two-cavity mould system, the machine efficiently processed polypropylene (PP) resin, achieving a remarkable cycle time of 3.6 seconds for a 33-gram product. This level of efficiency significantly surpasses that of conventional hydraulic machines, which typically take 5.5 seconds to complete the same task. The live demonstration effectively highlighted the SPARK series’ superior performance in speed, energy efficiency, and precision, setting a new standard in injection moulding technology.

More on the SPARK Series:

Our SPARK series is stealing the spotlight with its revolutionary approach to all-electric injection moulding technology. Featuring groundbreaking advancements such as Agile Boost Control (ABC) and ALL-Adapt™ technologies, the SPARK series is redefining industry standards for performance and versatility. From ultra-thin to ultra-thick product applications, the SPARK series ensures impeccable precision with a significant reduction in platen deformation and energy consumption.

Visit Us for a Closer Look

The journey at PLASTIMAGEN® MEXICO continues and the CHEN HSONG team extends a cordial invitation to our booth 1536. It’s the perfect time to see the SPARK in action and to discover our diverse product offerings, including the innovative TP Smart series.

Engage with our experts, experience our technology up close, and let’s discuss tailored solutions that CHEN HSONG can offer for your unique challenges. We eagerly await the chance to demonstrate our dedication to quality and to fostering strong partnerships. Join us at our space to witness how we merge tradition with technology for your business’s advancement.

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