Highlights from IPLAS ECUADOR 2023 and Chen Hsong’s Display

IPLAS ECUADOR 2023: A Catalyst for Regional Development

Hosted at the Guayaquil Convention Centre from September 12-15, IPLAS ECUADOR 2023 was more than just an exhibition – it served as a pivotal juncture for industry advancement.

Ecuador and Latin America’s plastic sector demonstrated its strength, supporting over 19,000 direct and an impressive 120,000 indirect jobs. The regional plastic consumption, at 30/40 kg per capita, hinted at promising growth potential, especially when juxtaposed against Latin America’s 40/50 kg and Europe’s 150/200 kg figures.

Spanning 4,100 m^2, the event attracted more than 6,000+ visitors. With a remarkable 57% of exhibitors coming from international horizons and a lineup of 15 enlightening technical conferences, the focus was firmly on fostering a rich knowledge exchange.

A significant highlight was the event’s central theme of Circular Economy and Recycling, emphasizing the need and strategies for sustainable practices within the plastics arena.

Decades of Excellence: The MK6 Unleashed at IPLAS

Visitors at IPLAS were treated to a display of Chen Hsong’s most popular series – the MK6.

The JM128-MK6 model was prominently showcased, symbolising a harmonious fusion of Chen Hsong’s 65-year legacy in injection moulding with cutting-edge technological advancements, epitomised by the proprietary Japanese Precision Hydraulics™ technology.

A Splash of Orange and Innovation

Visitors to IPLAS didn’t just walk past the Chen Hsong display – many eagerly lined up, all with a singular goal in mind: to acquire the vibrant orange mug. While its striking colour mirrored Chen Hsong’s brand hue, its true allure lay beyond its aesthetics.

Weighing in at a precise 35g, crafted from PP resin, and moulded in a single cavity, each mug was a testament to the relentless reliability of the JM128-MK6. The machine’s consistent performance, churning out mug after mug in a swift 45-second cycle, stood as a vivid demonstration of Chen Hsong’s commitment to unerring precision and durability.

For those fortunate to receive one, the mug wasn’t merely a keepsake from a trade show. It was a tangible reminder of Chen Hsong’s promise: dependable machinery that delivers, time and time again.

Connecting with Partners and Customers: Our Continued Commitment

As IPLAS ECUADOR 2023 comes to a close, we at Chen Hsong are filled with gratitude. The moments shared, the discussions held, and the bonds strengthened with our customers and partners have been invaluable.

Our presence in Ecuador and the broader South American markets has always been underpinned by a commitment to deliver unparalleled service and exceptional machinery. This trade show has only deepened our resolve to continue serving with distinction.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We eagerly anticipate our next meeting and remain dedicated to raising the bar in all our endeavours. Until next time, take care and keep shaping the future!

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